Monday, August 31, 2009

_Pride and Joy_ by Garth Ennis

I'm thinking I'm gonna stop reading Garth Ennis books. They're super violent. He's the guy who did Preacher, which was too gory for my taste. This one was more positive than most, really. This graphic novel is about a guy with two kids whose past as a thief catches up with him, in the person of a homicidal mobster. Strong shades of Cape Fear here, but it's new enough to be interesting. The quantity of collateral damage bothered me, but the writing is solid.

Seems like everyone has done a crime graphic novel. I frankly love the genre. I guess it's a natural seque from superhero books to crime books.

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  1. Yeah, everything I've ever read by Ennis, which includes nothing that I've ever FINISHED by Ennis, is gratuitously violent and a bit disturbed. I always thought Millar was channeling Ennis when he wrote Wanted.

    Must be something in the cold, dark, damp air of Scotland that turns these guys nuts.