Sunday, August 09, 2009

Armadillocon and rommate reunion coming

Next weekend is the 2009 Armadillocon. I've been anticipating it for months. I convinced my buddy and former roomie Doug to come down to Austin for the event, and we're both going to attend the writer's workshop, making a big three days of it. This will almost make up for him having the temerity to move to Boise.

I was going to spend the whole weekend doing the sort of fake cleaning where you throw clutter in boxes and shove it under beds, but we actually have the house in some faint semblance of order. There is visible floor in the rooms of DaMommio children, an event which should be celebrated.

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  1. Yes, this should be fun.

    Also, folks, I might get the chance to take over Aaron's blog briefly during my stay in Austin. Pirate blogging!