Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bounced back: dealing with rejection

I had a story come back with its sixth rejection yesterday. It's a tiny little thing of a little over 2000 words.This is a boomerang. Or a very abstract drawing of a seagull. ;)

I got a little down over seeing this story come back again, but the truth that I should focus on is that I've actually sent it out six times. That's a record. I also sent it back out for number 7 the very same day. I'm proud of that.

It's a rarity in that I've never felt I needed to rework it since I started submitting it.

I guess it's not that different from other stories, in that I had a lot of angst over what exactly to do with it while I was writing it, and it germinated from a short and incomplete piece I wrote one day and months later sweated over to turn it into a complete story. But that was a long time ago and I've never wanted to revise it since.

My confidence in it may be misplaced. :) But that's not the point. I've got three or four stories lying around that I think are good, but which are unfinished or have problems. Most of them feel like they need a good solid week of work, which probably means a month. ;) Thus they languish. Some of them have been out and come back and I tried to fix them and got stuck, so it's very painful that they languish.

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