Saturday, August 29, 2009

Octowizard, what I thought was cool when I was 13

I drew this this week. It's supposed to be a humanoid creature with an octopus head. It looks more like an octopus sitting on a coatrack.

It's not much different from the pictures of it I drew when I was 13. I had some kind of Dungeons & Dragons adventure setting that I was working on where I thought it would be cool to have these demonic octopus wizard things which I called Octowizards. Although the name isn't very clever, I like it better than something like O'pa'klah. (Klingon for 'octowizard'.)

Sadly, I still think this is fun. Maybe I'll sculpt one. When I was 13 I thought this looked ominous. Now it just looks cute.

1 comment:

  1. Looks rather like a Mindflayer or Illithid from D&D. (

    And they were supposed to be scary. So even as a young lad, you had the creative powers of the D&D production team!

    (Does he have four tentacles coming out the back side of his head? Otherwise he looks like a Quatrowizard.)