Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ethan invents spaghetti tacos

Send your royalty checks straight to me.


  1. Isn't that technically a spaghetti burrito? Looks like a soft flour tortilla wrapped around the pasta.

    A spaghetti taco would have a crispy, pre-formed corn shell with the pasta inside.

  2. Are you contesting my taco knowledge? 90% of the tacos I eat have soft tortilla shells.

  3. Hmmm.

    Reading this:

    and this:

    I'm not sure what the hell the difference is between a "soft taco" and a burrito. If a taco is "a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling" and a burrito is "a flour tortilla wrapped or folded around a filling" as these definitions state, then the only potential difference is that a corn tortilla technically makes a taco?

    I'm going to stick with tacos being crunchy and burritos being soft, because "soft taco" is an oxymoron to me.

  4. Though your search for simple certainties in a complex world is admirable, your abstruse technical definitions would not avail you at my favorite taco stand.

    In the wild, one never has trouble distinguishing between a burrito (a large tortilla completely wrapping its filling, neatly rolled and folded into a package) and a taco (a small tortilla folded exactly once). The crunchy/soft distinction is a misstep.

    When you order corn tortillas with your taco at my favorite stand, La Tapatia, they double them. Also, they put a little potato and onion in the meat (if you order beef, which is called picadillo). It's good stuff.