Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eternal Earthbound Pets

See, people think such terrible things of atheists. But when it comes to the Rapture, who's going to be left on earth? Atheists...and animals, including the pets of Christians. So who's going to take care of those pets? That's where Eternal Earthbound Pets comes in, bringing peace of mind to Christians everywhere.

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  1. This is surreal. I guess I don't quite follow what the Rapture folks believe. Say you believe in the Rapture and are concerned that your pets are going to be left behind.

    Is it possible to believe that you are going to be saved and sent to heaven but that some of the people who remain are actually decent people who you'd want to care for your pets?

    If the idea behind the Rapture is that all the true believers are going to be taken to heaven and all the nonbelievers, evil or not, will be left behind to fend for themselves, then I'm all for the Rapture! Except I want it to apply to the fundamentalists in the other faiths as well.