Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time and space and Chuck E Cheeses

In December I took three-year-old Lily to a birthday party at Ye Olde Chuck E Cheeses. I didn't know the other parents there -- I haven't gotten to know many of Lily's friend's parents yet. But the experience was odd for another reason: although I'm quite sure I'm older than some of the parents there, they treated me as if I was younger than them. Some of them were clearly dealing with their first kids, too, with the sort of anxiety that first-time parents get. (Listen to me, all "experienced parent" snobby. Hah!)

Given that I'll be 40 any day now, and am dealing with my first burgeoning feelings of getting old (it's like puberty, but without the exciting parts), this was kind of amusing. I'd just count my blessings -- maybe I just lucked out and look younger than I am. But I feel like I give off an immature vibe. Cue jokes.

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