Monday, February 02, 2009

One extra ride for the month is probably pretty good

My score for commute-avoidance ("nodrive") days for January was 18. I need to average 17 per month to meet my goal of 200 for the year.

I'm coming out of last year when I started with a goal of 100 and raised it to 150, and when I started the year slow and increased my average number of rides every month. I gotta be realistic. There aren't enough work days in a month for me to do a whole lot better than 17. Doing one better is still beating my goal.

Right now the chief issues are logistical: days when I need a car to tote one of the kids somewhere, or run an errand. Weather hasn't stopped me yet. We'll see how I do when it gets rainier. Maybe Tanya can knit me a bike cozy out of waterproof yarn.

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  1. I ended Jan with 104 miles avoided (a little less than you, if you did 18 * 6 = 108). I'm including two days where I worked at home in the morning to avoid driving back in to have lunch with Karen at school. Weather did stop me from riding a couple of was just too cold for me to contemplate riding.