Monday, February 23, 2009

This Alien Has Many Eyes

That's what Lily, 3, told me when she drew this picture for me. I could not gainsay her.

This alien looks a lot like some of the aliens Chloe used to draw, and that Ethan drew before her. A body-enclosing line, and some feature -- eyes, here. Ethan, especially, used to add lots of eyes and arms and legs and/or tentacles, and the number of them was important to him. "Six legs, daddy!" he'd say. Awesome.

It's my birthday, and I'm taking off work today and doing a thing up at the elementary school where I spend the day there being School Dad, sort of. It's fun. 


  1. Happy birthday! Try not to hurt any kids with your flaming juggling clubs.

  2. Happy birthday! You old geezer.

    You might not want to tell the kids that if they study hard and get good grades in school like you did they could end up being jugglers.

    Hmm. You're a technical writer. Based on my own experience in that field, maybe you SHOULD tell them you're a juggler.