Thursday, February 26, 2009

More of my Tau army state-of-the-art

Here are some more shots of my current Tau army figures. The Smurf-like spotted mushroom on the squad leader's base is what I do with leftover greenstuff putty, typically. And everyone knows that alien landscapes feature mushrooms.


  1. Do you have enough soldiers so that we could play a small skirmish when I visit? Or do the forces have to belong to different factions?

    If the rules are really complicated, I probably can't grasp them in time, but I'm up for a simple or short handicapped scenario if you want to play.

  2. I have all these apes-in-retro-spacesuits soldiers for the AT43 game that Tyson gave me. They'd make a fine Warhammer army. Short answer: yes, I have enough figures if we both have small armies.

    The rules are not tough.