Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cat scratch furor

Our cat Zissou knocked over a whole tray of Warhammer figures  and I didn't discover them right away. When I did, I found that several of them had lost limbs and such. 

I did repairs immediately, and most of the new joints now have metal pins and so will be stronger than before. And this provided an opportunity to take some shots of these figures with my phone camera, which is proving to be pretty good at this...if I steady it on a surface.

If you click the images for the larger versions, the detail is good enough that you can see brush strokes. Thank heavens for thumbnailing. My paint jobs aren't ready for microscopic detail. But I'm happy with them for the 2-foot rule. They'll do fine on a tabletop in the midst of a game.


  1. Zissou the Conqueror has once again defeated the hordes. Beware, your efforts to re-build are futile, mini warriors.

  2. We dare you to eat one of us. There's a shortage of feline gastroenterologists.

  3. Your paint jobs are as good as those on the majority of Heroclix figures I own, except for those that are simply molded all in one color of plastic (such as clear for invisible characters or green for some of the energy manipulating ones).