Sunday, March 01, 2009

Photo stage for small things

This is the photo stage I'm using to take pictures of models and such. It's just some pieces of grey foamcore taped together...taped so that I can fold the sides over the back, and the base over back of it, and slide it behind some furniture when I'm not using it. 

The idea is that it provides a neutral background and diffuses the light. I think it helps. What I need more than anything is a way to trigger the camera without jostling it. I should get a remote control and try that out. 

I got this idea from the Kevin Kelly Cool Tools website, but there it just suggests using a flat piece of foamcore. The other benefit of this approach is that it is supposed to provide a good background for photoshopping.


  1. How do you keep the tiny people from moving around too much and jostling the backdrop when you're trying to take a picture?


  2. You could also use this as a backdrop for dismembered things . . . like decapitated heads.

    Doll heads, of course. You sicko.

  3. Dave had some fun "building" a lightbox. Narrative and photos here:

    Mini-tripods for a digital camera aren't expensive--we got one for around $10. I don't know if that's what Dave uses, though.

  4. That explains it! The tiny people are moving! For those Warhammer pics, I had to take 5 shots for every one that came out.