Monday, March 30, 2009

Can this be for real? The stovepipe bird trap

I was reading the wild intertubes and I came across a tubular bird trap idea: the stovepipe. The idea is that birds can't back up, so you put some birdseed inside a pipe that's big enough for the birds to walk into (and too small to turn around),  you block one end of the pipe, and make sure the birdseed is deep enough in the pipe that the bird has to go all the way in.

That's it. Because birds can't back up.

They can't? Well, I found more than one reference to this idea. I have half a mind to try one and make a pigeon pie. 


  1. Wow. If true for all birds, I've suddenly lost a lot of respect for gray parrots and ravens, two of my favorite bird species.

    But maybe this only applies to stupid birds?

    Hey, if birds are descended from dinosaurs, do you think that dinosaurs maybe couldn't back up either?

  2. Dinosaurs couldn't back up, but for a different reason: they're so big, you see, and the backing-up truck beeper ("beep...beep...beep") hadn't been invented yet...

    Oh, man, I just had a vision of a dino trap made from giant cement pipe...

  3. You have not one, but two favorite bird species?

  4. I heard the same thing about dogs, and my Siberian huskies back up fine; Diva can go backwards pretty fast.

  5. Yeah, ravens and gray parrots are just extremely clever, to the extent that scientists have been trying to figure out how their brains are wired differently, because those brains seem too small to achieve some of the results.