Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gopi's best man

I used to work with a guy name Gopalan; we called him Gopi. He was a lot of fun and at some point it came out that his parents were giving him a lot of heck about not being married (to a nice Indian girl of course) yet.

We were working at a startup that was a complete boy's club, and we teased Gopi endlessly about his prospective brides, his preparations for marriage, and so on. And I'd built up this whole thing about how much I admired and worshipped Gopi....he went on a two week trip or something, and I created a series of diaries on a wiki at the office showing how despondent we all became from missing him.

So between that and the marriage stuff, my wife came up with the idea of me lobbying to be Gopi's best man at his wedding. We made a T-shirt with the words "GOPI'S BEST MAN" on the back, and I wore it to work. 

Unfortunately this only cemented the idea that I was gaga for Gopi firmly in everyone's heads. Not that I didn't love him with all my heart. But it was never serious. The guy had no boobs at all.

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