Monday, March 23, 2009

The one in which I make dutch babies

I've been wanting to try making dutch babies for a while now. This weekend, I finally got around to it.

What was I waiting for? It's way easier than I expected.

A dutch baby is a baked pancake that rises in the oven to epic proportions.  Here's what they look like in the oven. They rise while you watch. It's magic.

We eat them with powdered sugar and lemon juice. It is the only way.

Before this, I could only get these at the Original Pancake House. My mom made these for me a few times when I was a kid, but I guess I exhausted her patience. I guess I can see why. I made five of these this weekend alone. 

I used the recipe I got from the Dalai Mama website. Really, these are easy to make. You just have to heat the pan up in the oven and have the batter ready, and pour it in all at once. It doesn't call for any ingredients you don't already have lying around: flour, milk, eggs, salt. 

Oh, and lemon and powdered sugar. Don't forget those. 

This recipe made me realize, though, that I'm most interested in recipes that are entertaining, like flambes and making cheese from milk while you wait. Basically I want to do chemistry circus stuff in the kitchen. 

I tried to explain this to my wife, but her mouth was too full of dutch baby  to respond. 

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