Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Modok Madness

If someone is going to go to the trouble to create a blog all about the Marvel comics character MODOK, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (hah! I can't  unpack that acronym without laughing), then I can certainly go to the trouble of linking to it

This is a parody site that posts pictures that are riffs off the MODOK idea.

I've always liked the wackiness of MODOK. He's basically been mutated so that his head is so big he can't walk and has to use a hoverchair to get around. And he's got a great origin: he was a hapless janitor that the mean scientists of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics, the bad boys of evil science), turned into a guinea pig. Naturally he used his powers to take over AIM straightaway. 

Whoops, that's not quite right. He wasn't a janitor -- more of a junior technician. Hmm, I like the way I remembered it better. It makes a better story. 

I'm not sure I could find it now, but for a while I had a great action figure of MODOK. Great, in a stupid way. It had a rubber head with a hole in the forehead, and you were supposed to put a plastic dart in the hole, and mash down on the head so that it would shoot out the dart -- as a mental blast. It didn't work very well. But it did a good job of displaying the manic Jack Kirby-style MODOK face.  Here's what this figure looked like; you can see the hole in the head.


  1. Haha! Funny stuff. Browndoc made me laugh the most.

  2. Have you seen Blogdok?

    I always thought the Ms. MODOK was the creepiest.

    Also, how are you supposed to pronounce someone's name when it is all in capitals? It seems like you should say it loudly, but then I don't think we shout "NATO in the house!" during international conferences.

  3. How do you know we don't? How many international conferences have you been invited to anyway? NATO's gonna bring it down, sucka.

    Anyway, it doesn't take volume. You just have to use the proper gravitas.