Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's what toilet instructions look like in Antwerp

David Cramer recently went to Antwerp and brought back a report from the toilets there, where they try to provide good documentation on how they are used:

He notes, however, that this covers only the basics, and doesn't explain things like the fact that there are two buttons for for big jobs, one for light duty. I wondered what kinds of icons such buttons might be adorned with.

This came up because I had reported recently on advice to Gentlemen in the toilets.


  1. There are places where Step 2 is different. In the area near Cancun, Mexico, all toilet paper goes into a waste can next to the toilet.

    Interesting that a Flemish toilet has instructions in English and Flemish/Dutch but not French.

  2. I heard that as the price of displays technology drops, we will begin to have signs with instructional videos.