Friday, March 06, 2009

Free SF/fantasy books as PDFS

A site named Suvudu is now offering free PDFs of published scif and fantasy books, with a bias towards the first books in their series.

I downloaded His Majesty's Dragon from this site and I'm enjoying it. It's off to a good start. Napoleanic Royal Navy + Dragons = fun. Actually, either of those two elements is a good recommendation. I'll read a romance novel if it's Napoleanic. As long as the main character's not in love with his ship, or a pegleg, or something like that.

I browsed around the forum on the Suvudu site a little, saw some complaints about PDF format and DRM. I'm not really seeing this. PDFs are pretty darn portable. I grant you that it's not easy to read a whole novel in PDF for, but you can do it if you're motivated.

I routinely download PDFs and store them for reading if I'm every stuck somewhere with nothing but my laptop to console me. Truthfully, this doesn't come up very often...I've been in the habit of carrying books around for too long. But now and then I'm glad I can store a library in a few megabytes.

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  1. You know I love me the .pdfs

    With a lot of independent games and games published overseas I'd never have a chance to see a copy in any other format.

    I just wish that there was a cheap portable device to read .pdfs with. It's crazy that you need a hack to make Kindle read a .pdf.