Friday, February 19, 2010

Try safe web browsing with Sandboxie

The other day I got a particularly nasty piece of malware that was interrupting everything I tried to do. I had to use another box to browse for a solution, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to install a fix. I finally managed to install Malwarebytes and used that to remove it, but it was touch and go. Normally Chrome is pretty resistant to this sort of thing, but apparently I found one that got past it.

I'd experimented with Sandboxie as a tool for avoiding this sort of thing, and so I tried it again. I'm liking it. Sandboxie is a free tool that segregates a Windows program into a sandbox where anything the program downloads or installs is kept separate...and the sandbox can be easily emptied. In fact, you can configure the sandbox to be destroyed as soon as you exit your program.

If you download a file that you DO want to keep while using Sandboxie, you have to take special steps to copy it out of the sandbox.

You can sandbox any program with it, but it has shortcuts for running your default web browser. Looks like the best thing to do is make sure the browser you want to use with it is your default browser before you install Sandboxie.


  1. Cool, so how has your experience with Chrome been?

  2. I like Chrome a lot. It's fast. It's a little odd, in that I made the switch quickly and easily but it's hard to articulate while it's better than Firefox. It's very streamlined.