Monday, February 22, 2010

Ethan played D&D with a friend of his yesterday

Just wanted to report that my 12-year-old son has not only played three one-on-one D&D sessions with me, but now has gotten together with a friend of his to play D&D on his own initiative. It's a friend whose dad/uncle had gotten him into D&D.

Also, he was designing a campaign for me to play in this weekend. Basically, it's a turn-the-tables, play-the-monsters campaign featuring lots of humanoids and lots of giant bugs. I've got a character who is a Gnoll Bug Tamer. Bug Tamers are mages with spells relating to insects. My character can charm bugs. I'm thinking of getting a beehive hat, to have attack bees always at the ready. :)


  1. That is all awesome. I would happily play in something like that.

  2. I've got two spells in my spell book: Charm Bug and Repel Bug. And I'm thinking of developing this quirk, that my gnoll really enjoys the taste of buzzards...likes to lure them into a kill. I can see it now, a downed deer carcass (run over by a carriage, see), that is infested with bugs that grab the buzzard for my eatin'...

  3. What's your character's nom de scum? The Beekeeper? The WASP? Roachmaster?

    All great names for B-level superheroes or supervillains, come to think of it.

  4. I can't remember now. I think the name was someting like Gfarglargl. My mental concept for Gnolls is pretty much Vargr/Werewolves with a taste for carrion. I s'pose there's probably a whole history of them on the web somewheres.