Saturday, February 06, 2010

Kenneth Hite on Setting in RPGs

Kenneth Hite says setting is the game designer's primary responsibility....and adds many other interesting ideas to it, in this blog post. I'd forgotten about his blog, found it deep in my delicious links.


  1. That was a really interesting post, especially the first branching set of comments. Too bad I'm already overloaded on rpgs and uninterested in wuxia, or I'd check out Weapons of the Gods just to examine how that mechanic of purchasing Lore works.

    Because I'm not entirely sure how it's different from a Lifepath or character point-buy system where you could choose to know certain pieces of knowledge.

    Gives me an idea for how to present setting information in an interesting way, however.

  2. I used to have an RSS feed reader set up and that was how I kept up with certain blogs and things, but basically I go hot and cold on RSS. I have a list of blogs on delicious, I should probably use that to keep up with such.