Thursday, February 04, 2010

Chloe's writing, to a prompt

Prompt, 4rth grade:

The flowers were everywhere. They were pretty. Ducks swam in the pond. The grass was green. We had our lunch in the park. Then we went home.

Chloe's writing in response:

Soft orange petals adorned the proud green stems while the black and yellow bees spread the sweet smell that wafted into my nose. In the green tinted water, fluffy yellow ducks pushed their webbed feet through the water. Light green frogs sproinged (? or sprayed?) their own notes. The grass was green and light-hearted, waving to the friendly cattails. We sat on a rotting bench and table. Mom pulled out salami sandwiches and bottles of iced tea from our nylon cooler. I sighed. All was tranquil in the park. When all chewers had run out of food, we headed home down rock-carpeted road. I decided that I was satisfied with the day.

(Much of the punctuation added by me)

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