Friday, October 09, 2009

_War for the Oaks_ by Emma Bull

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I can't remember precisely why I got on an Emma Bull kick, but I had previously read and enjoyed Finder, a 1994 novel of hers, and this one, from way back in 1987, was good as well.

I got behind on my bookblogging; I finished this one a week and a half ago. It had some nice rules-of-faerie stuff going on, a nice love was nice.

I never quite understood why it was called War for the Oaks, though. I mean, there's a faerie war, but oaks never seemed to be that important. Rock bands. Rock bands were important in the story. Bull wrote in the intro that she herself didn't actually play in a band until after she wrote this book.

I wasn't quite as happy with the ending as I'd hoped, but it ended up in a good place. Check it out.

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