Wednesday, October 07, 2009

In other D&D things I won't get to do...

Image of a fantastical dragon costume from a renfaire is from Flickr

...there's this news from BoingBoing: that Wesley Crusher himself, Wil Wheaton, is running a couple of Dungeon Delves at the Child's Play game con, for charity purposes, and $50 gets you a seat at the table. This is endlessly cool because Wil is endlessly cool. I still feel bad for hating Wesley Crusher. Well, Wesley Crusher was a dick, but that doesn't stop Wil Wheaton from being awesome.

A delve is basically a short dungeon adventure where the gamemaster tries to kill the players and the players try to complete some goal, in a short period of time ... 45 minutes in this case.

I dunno. Celebrity stuff usually does not appeal to me. But you don't have to read much of Wil Wheaton's blog to want to meet the guy.

Oh, yeah, this also brings up how conventions have always had these pseudo-competitive delve things. Roleplaying is so subjective, I never understood how you could compare any two gaming sessions, but from looking at GenCon catalogs of yore, I saw a lot of things like that, where multiple game sessions running the same scenarios would be competing against each other.


  1. Thanks! I killed a F***ING HOUR of my day following this link and listening to Memories of the Futurecasts and watching the Guild episodes in which Wheaton plays a MMORPG uber-gamer dick.

  2. Wait, he's in the Guild? Oh man I am so behind.