Thursday, October 15, 2009

Easy Money board game

Sometimes, you go out garage saling, and you find great stuff. One weekend last month there were garage sales all over the neighborhood. Here's a little gem I picked up for practically nothing: a fairly pristine copy of a clone of Monopoly that I'd never heard of.

I guess by the time I started playing board games, Monopoly's monopoly of monopoly-style boardgames was complete. So it seems very odd that Milton Bradley would try to put out a game that is nearly identical. In fact, according to Wikipedia, there was a lawsuit about it.

This version does have some interesting points. For example, you don't worry about color groups of properties; instead, you just try to collect one property on each side of the board. When you do that, you can start building houses on those properties.

And fully half the properties on the board have no set price. They go up for auction every time someone lands on them. I played it with Ethan, 12, and we got into a bunch of bidding wars.

To some extent, the design was done to make game play easier: rent prices are printed right on the board, and you mark your properties with a token, eliminating the need to deal with property cards at all.

Boardgame Geek has more.

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