Thursday, October 22, 2009

Changing clothes

Changing clothes this weekend after church, I told Tanya, "Brace yourself, I'm about to disrobe."

But I'm considerate about it: "To help you control your passion, I'm leaving my socks on."

Tanya: "That'll work."


  1. You should bear in mind the fact that some of the people reading your blog may be impressionable minors.

    Or eating. As I was until I read this. :-)

    (hey, graph is a real word! What gives?)

  2. So, how big was the sock?

    Oh wait, you said sockS. On your FEET. I feel better.

    (hey! corral is also a real word!)

  3. This blog is strictly G rated. As anyone who has ever seen me disrobe will attest.