Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Magic District posts about entitlement in fantasy

I bumped into this blog, the Magic District, by a fantasy writer, a while ago. I liked this particular post a lot. It brings up the issue of how fantasy is full of main characters who have what she calls "powerless power," or power that derives from an unearned trait like looks or, in fantasy, magic.

Most books, she points out, have their unearnedly (new word!) powerful characters turn out to be nice and decent folk, but in real life that's not so common. She suggests a plot about a character who loses their special ability and has to rebuild; I love this idea.

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  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    This was very interesting. Looking at my own setting so far, it seems that I have a tendency to place most of the people with magic within social or institutional structures that enhance their collective power and influence over the external world, but have a lot of internal checks on individual extremes.