Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Adding missiles to Tau Piranhas, magnetically

The goal: missile attached under the wing

I wanted removable Seeker missiles on my Piranha models. It occurred to me that I had some tin flashing lying around, and I could save on magnets by cutting small pieces of that and gluing it onto the Piranha undersides, then using neodymium magnets on the missiles.

Seeker missiles are optional one-shot weapons and any Tau vehicle can take a couple of them. I don't have very many missiles yet, but this was a quick way to add missile attachment points to a bunch of vehicles. No drilling required, and the tin flashing can be cut with strong scissors/shears.

I cut a strip of flashing, then cut small squares from it

I glued the metal squares near the front of the wing undersides

To magnetize the missiles, I drilled holes and cleaned them out with a hobby knife, then superglued a tiny round magnet in place

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