Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comicon 2009 Costume Gallery

Six hundred different costumes from ComiCon 2009. I'm in heaven. Check out this Space Marine costume, looks handmade and fantastic.


  1. Last night a not-of-the-geek-tribe judge on _So You Think You Can Dance_ referred to it as "the Comicon Convention."

    Add that one to the list that includes such classics as "panini sandwich," "ATM machine," and "PIN number."

  2. Lisa loves the "So You Think You Can Dance" show.

    When we moved to Boise, there was a Mexican restaurant on a nearby streetcorner with a sign that said "The El Gringo." We never tested the food.

    As for ComicCon . . . mmmm . . . green-skinned Orion ladies . . . fat guys in spandex . . . wow.

    My sister lives in San Diego has a friend who gets her a comp pass to ComicCon every year. I've been trying to invite myself down there for years now to no avail. Sigh.

  3. One thing I love about cosplay pictures like these is looking at all the normal-looking people who are so much less inhibited than I am! But I particularly like it when someone fits their less-than-perfect physique to a character it works with, like this guy's Penguin.