Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fixed my mower's gas tank

So, my mower has had a crack in the gas tank for forever. If you filled it within an inch of the top, it'd leak.

This struck me as a bad thing, but somehow nothing ever exploded. And gas tanks and mower engines seemed like a lot to try and fix.

However, over the course of the...years I let this problem sit, I had occasion to take the mower apart a little bit. A couple of times. And eventually, I noticed that the gas tank was just a plastic part mounted on a couple of screws and connected by one hose.

Meanwhile, I had become acquainted with the wonders of epoxy.

So, last weekend I ran the mower till it stopped, removed the gas tank, rinsed it, glued it with JB Weld, filled it with water to test the seal, dried it in the Texas sun, and reinstalled it.

And filled that baby to the rim. Runs beautifully, too. I am so proud.

I shoulda posted this one on Father's Day. Without dad's example I'd never have gotten around to fixing something like this.

And the funniest thing about it is that it was really really easy to do. It just took me realizing that it was going to be easy, to get around to it. That, and I had to take the mower's covers off a couple of times before I realized it was no big deal.

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