Friday, June 05, 2009

I've had no time to sculpt in a month

I really intended to do some more sculpting and post photos of it this past month, and I did nothing with it at all. I'm going to blame this on my very full schedule and the fact that I'm consistently prioritizing writing over all other activities....which I can't say that I'm bothered about.

Here's what I'm talking about. This morning I thought I might get a little time alone to write, but shortly after I got started with breakfast, Lily came and found me. She alway acts like she's pulled off a great coup of sneakwork by showing up unannounced at the breakfast table.

Then the rest of the family got up...the kids had sleepover guests last night...and the house really came alive. I fled to work.

I got caught up in work and didn't get home as soon as I liked (reaping a foul mood from my better half) and after dinner, I had to spend some time wrestling with Lily and Chloe on the front lawn, then more wrestling was required to put them to bed, and they didn't want to stay in bed. Chloe had forgotten a stuffed animal outside, which required a full-on search with flashlights.

After I got them all down, I didn't much feel like writing -- I felt tired and lousy. I sat down anyway and reviewed some notes on the Dragon Scouts story idea I'm working on, and I already feel much better. I need this piece to be less than 5000 words, and I finally have a plan that I think can make that happen.

I went into all this in hopes of impressing you with my many distractions but I think all I've done is show that kids are fun. That's okay. They are fun.

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