Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free miniatures rules (Battlefleet Gothic)

Games Workshop put all the rules for Battlefleet Gothic up on their website as PDFs. They changed the links a while ago, here's the current page.

More miniatures companies should do this. If people can download the rules, read them, and get interested, they'll buy the miniatures that will make you the real money.

Or am I just miffed that GW's Warhammer 40k main book costs $50? No, miffed would be belittling my emotions there. I'm curmudgeonly on the issue. I bought one, too. Sheesh, $50.

Of course I've actually played some Warhammer, unlike a lot of games I spend time thinking about. ;)


  1. It astonishes me that you shelled out $50 for a game book. I've done that 3 times now (if you count the shipping): for Burning Empires book + .pdf bundle, for Starblazer Adventures book + .pdf bundle, and for the first edition of Wild Talents (book and shipping cost).

    Each time I was sort of shell-shocked. But I still own two of the books (and both the .pdfs, of course).

  2. It still astonishes me. More astonishing though is the cost of Warhammer minis. A single Tau battlesuit is $20. 12 foot soldiers are $40. Of course you can get discounts online and buy a bulk set -- the Battleforce -- but anyway, the investment in minis is much greater than rules. And you have to build and paint the minis! (not that I'd want to skip that).