Monday, June 15, 2009

100 NODRIVE days

I reached 100 NODRIVE days today. That's 96 days of biking and 4 days when I didn't drive for other reasons. And it's only mid-June.

Might not be able to reach my goal of 200, though, because I may have to drive Lily to child care in the fall. We'll see.

Also, 12-year-old Ethan biked to work with me today, to spend half the day and bike back on his own.


  1. That's great. Did you put Ethan to work? He could be the copy guy.

    "Makin' copies."

  2. I do mine by miles avoided. Over 28 days, I've got:

    Bike miles 226
    Bus miles 89
    Work from home miles 270
    Total miles avoided 605

    Yours is 4 miles each way, right? So that puts you at 800 miles avoided.