Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don't tell people what you plan to do

I've often heard, as part of motivational advice, that you should announce your goals, so that other people will hold you accountable for them, or that you will feel accountable for them. However, this article says the research shows the opposite: that telling your plans to people makes you less likely to accomplish them.


  1. THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE. In my experience, telling people THAT I'm writing is okay. Telling people WHAT I'm writing or planning to write is a recipe for disaster on many levels.

  2. This post actually inspired me to write a blog entry over on One Hand Clapping. And I linked back to you as the inspiration.

    Soon we will be titans of the blogosphere. Titans, I tell you!

    (Though the Titans did end up in Tartarus, so that might not be so hot.)

  3. My new goal is not to announce any of my goals...oh, wait, d'oh!

  4. My new goal is to eventually guess one of David's goals.

    Starting . . . . . now.

    Working Dean Drive? Write the Great American Novel? Lay waste to your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women?