Monday, June 22, 2009

A great little father's day

Had a great weekend, I have to say. We scheduled Lily's birthday party on Father's Day, but the family, mostly Tanya, put together a nice dinner for Saturday evening, when I returned from playing wargames at a friend-of-a-friend's.

I came home a little late and just hoping they hadn't already eaten without me, to be greeted by food and decorations and presents. I even thought the decorations were for me for a moment. They were purple decorations put up early for Lily's purple party.

Kids were great this weekend, or maybe they benefited from the rosy glow of the rosy feelings that father's day brings. We had a lot of laughs is all I know.

Doing some wargaming with adults for once was great, and a surprise invitation out of the blue, but the best gaming was being beaten soundly by Ethan in a modified game of Heroscape. We threw out the weird move-order rules that the game has and just took turns where each player moved all of his units once in a turn. I'm not sure whether I engineered my own destruction or what, but it was fun, and it only took about three turns for Ethan to demolish me. Regular rules would have taken 30 turns. Plus I got to satisfy Ethan's desire to play Heroscape, without playing Heroscape.

I like one thing a lot about this game: the dice. Units are rated for attack and defence in numbers of dice. If I attack you with seven dice, then I see how many red skulls I roll in seven dice. The other guy rolls his 8 or whatever dice of defense, looking for blue shields. Each of his shields cancels one of my skulls; if there are any skulls left, that's how many hits he takes. Simple, fast, and fun, although it leaves you without the opportunity to use regular dice.

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