Friday, January 15, 2010

_Sherlock Holmes_ with Robert Downey, Jude Law

Saw this movie last weekend. Recommended. It was a little different than I expected:
  • It dealt more with the occult than I was expecting, though in a highly Holmsean fashion.
  • Holmes was made out to be quite the action hero, but in an interesting way.
I liked that the movie avoided the common flaw of giving its heroes inexplicable access to mixed martial arts/kickboxing techniques; instead, it used a neat visual technique to make Holmes into a fantastic fighter in a slightly more plausible fashion.

The images of London contained in this film were worth the price of admission all by themselves.

The main thing that strikes me as something that could have been improved was the villain. On reflection, he could have been more interesting. I didn't think of that during the movie, though.

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