Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rather astonishingly productive weekend

I got to spend a lot of time puttering around the house this weekend, which I like. I got to fix a few things and that always makes me happy.

We had a broken drawer that required me to cut a new piece of wood for the drawer box, cut a groove in it, drill some holes, and glue it together; I'm very happy about fixing that. I don't use my table saw often enough, but it made short work of cutting a perfect groove.

Now all we have to do is make sure the drawer doesn't get overstuffed again. My theory on the drawer is that there was so much stuff in it that it got stuck...with items being pushed so high that the drawer wouldn't open, and then one of the kids probably yanked on it over and over again to release it. The front piece of the drawer box cracked and finally fell off. But luckily the fascia was fine, so I could replace the backing piece and it'll look good as new. At the moment, toiletries are piled up in boxes on the counter.

We got a nice bookcase at a garage sale that turned out to be wobbly; I fixed it by nailing some plywood to the back as a stiffener. Here it was nice to take care of something before it becomes a problem.

I woke up inexplicably early on Saturday morning...4:30 am...and wrote 1200 words before anyone else in the family got up. That was nice, but then I felt like I was going to die when it was about 6 p.m. ;) I'm making good progress on my latest rewrite of an old story. I'll be happy to both clear out my backlog and get some stories into the mail. Stories tend to languish in the needs-a-rewrite stage for way too long. I'm trying to be more disciplined about that.

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