Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick sound track when writing; Deezer woes

Well,, my previous solution for online music, has run into troubles. But they seem to have solved some of them. I have a bunch of playlists there, and for a long time most of the songs were unplayable, but now maybe I can get them back. Apparently they negotiated new rights, but most of my tracks are still stale; you can hit a search button to find equivalent tracks that ARE playable.

An easy to use solution is, which has various channels of different kinds of music, and also allows you to enter an artist to get songs somehow related to that artist. My main use for this is for quick unlimited background music when I'm writing.

One thing about the multimedia ablities now standard on means I can throw on some headphones and isolate myself from other family members' TV watching. That's really convenient.

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