Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Visiting the exotic pet store

We go to the exotic pet store about once a week to get crickets to feed Chloe's fire-bellied toads. She's the only one of us who was willing to wrap a constrictor around her neck. How is that ever a good idea? I was nervous about having 66% of my genetic heritage that close to a big snake.

I petted the iguana, because I am very brave. Meanwhile Tanya held a rabbit, and you know what kind of filthy shenanigans those things get up to.


  1. Man, you've put on a lot of weight and grown a little goatee since I saw you a few weeks ago.

    Wait, that's not you? You're standing five feet away taking the picture while your children are in contact with a big snake?

    Just sayin', ask the guy at the store to snap the photo while you stand at the ready to snatch the kids away.

  2. It turns out that I'm not willing to get that close to a snake that's as long as I am tall.

  3. You might need to produce a few more kids just to be on the safe side.

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