Wednesday, September 30, 2009

_Queen and Country_, vol 4, Operation: Blackwall

Art is from the Amazon page for this book.

I read this one on Sunday and Monday of this week. I read one volume of this series a while back and liked it; this one, also, doesn't disappoint. The art is pretty muddy, though, and if I didn't know Greg Rucka, as a writer, was a good bet, I probably would have put it back down.

Hated the cover art, which is really a bad thing for a comic.

I didn't have trouble interpreting the art after I tried, but at first glance it's hard to tell which character is which. This is a black-and-white book. The art is pretty evocative, eventually, but it takes a little work to read it.

Queen and Country books are about workaday British spies, and this one has the Service being used to save a prominent businessman from blackmail. The story is nicely handled and ties in with the main character's personal life well.

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