Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Best Magic is from Earth

This is a story idea that 9-year-old Chloe told me about on 7/22/09. She was quite excited about it and I typed it as she told it to me. Her description of it was as entertaining as the idea itself.

Chloe said:
I've had it since like yesterday and it's good good good.
Okay, so, okay, my idea it's two world has wizards and magic and stuff...there are two..the most powerful wizards come from earth but on earth there is no magic, just peple who have the special touch there is one character, specifically a girl 9 years old...and basically a person like my friend joe...this is how most of the ideas are going to come out...anyways anyways um this is going down in my basically the first wizard, here's the good part, the first wizard was from a world where magic doesn't exist and accidentally a portal is made through the worlds and that person gets through and they discover magic, how to wield it and command it....and make hundreds and thousands of years later....then there's me and basically it's a chosen ones thing...
This comes out of frequent games of pretend between her and her friend Joe.

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  1. Awesome! I love her enthusiasm for her own ideas. Also, she zoomed right in on some of the key cliches in Young Adult fantasy (it's a chosen one thing) while also evoking Roger Zelazny's classic Changeling or the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (a powerful wizard born on a world where magic doesn't work who then crosses over). Fun!