Sunday, September 06, 2009

_Goddess_ by Garth Ennis

Ok, see, Garth Ennis can write. Most of the scenes in this thing were well written. But the villain's motives quickly degenerate into absurdity. The main villain goes from trying to capture the fantastically powerful main character, to wanting to kill her, for no reason other than his own pride. His actions get weirder and sillier as the story goes on, as do the secondary villains. Both of them are willing to kill everyone in their don't even have to be in the way, just near the path. Ooh, there's someone over there way off the path -- kill them too! Way too much collateral damage.

This is one of those books in which super powers are gorily illustrated...where if you imagine superman grabbing someone's arm, he'd likely rip it off, with blood and sinews and tendons flying everywhere. A little of this kind of realism -- and I like the idea, mind you -- goes a long way. I thought it was done very well in Miracleman (link goes to Marvelman entry in Wikipedia), for example. Here it just grossed me out.

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