Monday, September 14, 2009

Make posters for wargame miniatures

I've been liking Cianty's Tabletop Wargames blog lately. This project, to create posters to decorate city walls, caught my eye.


  1. Man, I read this guy's post and downloaded the inkscape program that he mentioned, and I have absolutely no idea how one uses it to create the vector image copy of a scanned drawing the way he describes. I can't even find similar terminology in the tutorials.

    Pretty much every drawing program I've ever tried out is like this: just a maze of options with no real explanation or intuitive feel for what the heck they do. Really a very separate language, even from normal drawing.

  2. Yeah, you really have to get an app or two and do some tutorials or something...there are definitely some fun ones for GIMP out there. The virtue of GIMP and Inkscape is they are free, which, apart from the money thing, means you can use them in any context, for any project, without having to wait for purchase order approval; you can delegate work or share work without having to buy a new copy of the software.

  3. Here's a tutorial for Inkscape that says it shows how to vectorize a scanned image.