Saturday, March 13, 2010

_Robin: Year One_ by Chuck Dixon

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Our library has two mother lodes of comics goodness. I guess it's a mother lode and a daughter lode: one for adults and one for kids.

Sometimes it's not clear to me why a book is in one category and not the other. Maybe it's just the essential conflict of librarianhood: you can only put a book in one place. That's just another problem that will fall by the wayside when the singularity comes, and all books are online, and everyone realizes that Cory Doctorow was right all along.

But I digress. This book was not shelved wrong. It's aimed at young adults, but it's a fine read for adults as well, which is as it should be. The art trended towards the style of the Batman and Superman cartoons, but not quite as simple as that. The storyline has Batman acting a little softer towards Robin than he usually seems, and I liked it.

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