Sunday, March 07, 2010

Guilty pleasure: Potato chips and curry

Lately I've been eating a lot of extremely healthy homemade curry. Most of these curries are entirely vegetarian, low fat, and so on.

But when I pack them into my lunch for work, I can't resist using a bag of Ruffles (from the piles of free snacks a work) to scoop them up.

Sometimes two bags.

Anyway, here's the healthy side of what I've been eating...using this excellent guide (PDF download after the jump) to making lots of different curries.


  1. You get FREE CHIPS at work?

    Geez, I miss the free pens and pads of Post-It Notes.

  2. I consume vast quantities of Post-It Notes too. My current organizer system is based on them. Instead of constantly revising a big list, I have many small lists on post-its. That allows me to replace parts of the list all the time.

  3. Yeah, I used to make heavy use of flags when editing. But flags and Post-Its become rather expensive when you have to purchase them directly!

    I miss the pens most of all. Working as an editor at a book publisher meant that there were many, many nice pens in the supply cabinet in a wide array of colors, because we'd sometimes have five sets of eyes working on a draft, and everyone wrote comments in their own color to help differentiate.

    Now much of the markup would probably be done on electronic copies with comments or stamps, but I've never met a proofreader or copyeditor who didn't prefer using hardcopy, especially if dealing with full-color pages, because the printed version and the onscreen version are never exactly the same.