Monday, March 15, 2010

A Lord Dunsany story, online

Hey, somebody put a Lord Dunsany story online. I was reading about gnolls, and someone has a theory that gnolls come from the Dunsany story How Nuth Would Have Practiced His Art Upon the Gnoles.

I read some Dunsany when I was in college, I guess because it was referenced by various fantasy authors. I always found it to be weird wild stuff, and this story is no exception. Dunsany's conception of Faerie is of the scary sort, and many of his stories are pretty creepy.

Hey, I thought Dunsany was super ancient news, but he actually lived until 1957.


  1. He was actually 200 years old when he died. He had that deal going with the Faerie, you know.

  2. I should clarify that this story does not actually provide any real insight into D&D gnolls, but that the story itself is highly recommended. By me.