Friday, August 20, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Saves the Evening

Saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Monday night. It was awesome. Now I want to read the comic. Guess I'll start saving my quarters.
Picture taken from the Scott Pilgrim movie site

We got free babysitting from grandpa on short notice, so I had to pick a movie. Pilgrim's trailers looked pretty good but really gave me no idea what it was about. A skim of a review on the Austin Chronicle let me know that the plot involved Scott falling for a girl and then having to fight her seven evil exes. They had me at "seven evil exes." Also, it mentioned he was going to fight them video-game style. Let me just say that Michael Cera doing video-game-style-kung-fu is inherantly awesome.

The actors who play the exes are also awesome. Jason Schwartzman, whom I didn't remember I'd seen in Bored to Death until I looked him up, was fantastic as Gideon. Also, Brandon Routh as Todd.

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  1. Dave and I enjoyed the hell out of the movie--picked it for our anniversary movie last weekend (seventeen years, yay us!). The series is good, too--we're just now taking turns rereading it--and the movie seemed really faithful on the whole. It was just a fun, fully-realized world.

    And how do you not know Jason Schwartzman?! He's a regular in Wes Anderson films. _Rushmore_ is fantastic, and _Darljeeling Limited_ is an interesting meditation on brotherhood.