Monday, August 16, 2010

Forbidden Island board game

This game was mentioned in an episode of the webcomic PVP, so I took a look. It looks really interesting. It has a cooperation goal: everyone works together to rescue some artifacts. And the board changes during the game as various hexes sink under water (and get flipped, therefore, to reveal their opposite, sunken, side). Neat stuff. 

UPDATE... Here's the link to the PVP episode that mentions the game.


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Does it tell us what the numbers really meant? Or what was up with all that time traveling? I need answers to those questions!


  2. Yes, everything is explained within. And at a price cheaper than a DVD, even. Also I think there is a coupon for your very own pony inside.

  3. By the way, isn't time travel just the death knell for a storyline? I was reading about Cable the other day on wikipedia. When I learned that his whole origin was based on time travel, I was seriously put off. Also, everything I thought I knew about his powers was completely wrong. Dang wikipedia.