Thursday, August 19, 2010

How can anyone put the hate on Wikipedia when it throws me gems like 'Dark Claw'

Also, how is it that I never heard of the 'Amalgam Universe', a DC and Marvel mashup extravaganza? See, I don't see how anyone can throw any hate Wikipedia's way when it makes such a great starting point for any question.

For example, a question like "Who is Dark Claw?"

Short answer = Wolverine + Batman mashup.

Anyhoo, I find Wikipedia useful at work and at home. I'll get tossed a project at work where I suddenly need to be an expert on some widget; Wikipedia gets me started (it's usually not a physical widget; it's more like a concept, such as IMEI. Or, I'll learn that my gaming education has lacked much information about Glorantha, and here's my primer.


  1. Yes, Wikipedia usually has nice summaries of what a thing is and what it's for, that are much faster and easier to understand than the home page of whatever product or widget you're tracking down.

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I have almost all the Amalgam comics--the vast majority of them are just one-shots, of course--from both years that they released them. I think there were 24 total and I have about 20. If you are ever interested in giving them a read. Can't remember if I've got Dark Claw or not.