Thursday, August 05, 2010

Old-style tyranid warrior

Received a bunch of old figures from a friend recently. Here's the first one that I've assembled. I had to put this one together because you couldn't tell what it was going to look like from the sprue. It's an old-style tyrannid warrior figure from Warhammer 40k. This one is a little over an inch and a half tall, but has 7 parts.


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    He (she?) also has a chicken neck and no discernible anchoring points on the torso for the joints and sinew needed for that lower set of arms. You can't just stick one end of an arm into a stomach and call it a day. There's a reason why we have pelvises and collarbones/scapula surrounding the attachment joints for our limbs.

    If I were a self-respecting Space Marine, I would tear off this thing's poorly attached lower limbs and use them to wring its scrawny neck. Then I would make a belt out of it with a big "I H8 Tyrannids" belt-buckle.

  2. What's wrong with a chicken neck?

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    If you're going to go around calling yourself a "Tyrannid," implying your innate bad-assery, I think it's a let down when your neck resembles the easily wrung throat of a domesticated fowl. Particularly when the neck of said fowl is a commonly used euphemism for someone of puny physical prowess.

    I feel like those guys you linked to who critique the art in games like Traveller. Except I'll pulling all the comedic weight at the moment, if you get my drift.

  4. I think long skinny necks are functional and attractive.

  5. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Interesting, because I've never seen you date a woman with a long, skinny neck.

    Though I and my own long, skinny neck thank you for the compliment.